Monday, March 12, 2012

Wardrobe Workhorse: Red Coat

I'm starting a new series on this here blog, which I'm going to call Wardrobe Workhorses. It's about pieces that I have worn over and over, year after year. I think they are things that every girl should have in her wardrobe!

Today's feature is the Red Coat. I'm featuring a winter coat now, because Spring is the time when all of the winter coats go on sale, so you might be able to snag one fairly cheaply!
Winter is dark and dreary, and I think it's important to inject color during that season...and what better way to do that than by purchasing a brightly-colored winter staple! I've had my red coat for three years now, and with the exception of the fact that I need to sew on a button that fell off (see photo 2), it's still in perfect condition. 

My red coat is from J. Crew outlet, purchased during one of their sales. With a ruffled collar (I. Love. Ruffles.) and oversized red buttons, it's a unique and fun addition to my wardrobe. It's also one of the few red items I own (It's a sports thing, my alma mater's in-state rival's team color is red), but I adore the bright color it adds to my wardrobe! 

I definitely recommend getting a bright-colored coat for next won't regret it!

I've worn this coat this year...
(Of course with coffee cup in hand)

And last year...
(Double-fisting coffee this time...don't worry, I didn't drink both of them!)

Red Coat (J. Crew Outlet)

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